San Bernardino Dog Bite Lawyer

San Bernardino Dog Bite Lawyer, David A. St. Peter, is an advocate for victims who have suffered from dog bites or other animal attacks. Find out more about his credentials below.

Dog bites rank among some of the more devastating types of injury cases. An attack by any animal carries with it significant emotional scars as well as physical injury.

San Bernardino Dog Bite LawyerWe have extensive experience in dealing with dog bite injuries and the complications that can be associated therewith. With many breeds of dogs being excluded under various homeowner insurance policies these cases present unique problems for the injured party and the attorney.

Our familiarity with insurance coverage issues associated with animal attacks provides a basis for us to explore every possible avenue available to secure compensation for those who have been injured by a vicious animal and/or the conduct of a negligent owner.

You can rely on our expertise to assure that you are not victimized a second time.