San Bernardino Personal Injury Lawyer

David A. St. Peter is a San Bernardino Personal Injury Lawyer with unmatched experience and success. Find out more about his credentials below.

I have been involved in personal injury litigation for over 38 years. I have worked for the Automobile Club of Southern California as a claims adjuster and Senior Litigation Specialist for 13 years.

San Bernardino Personal Injury LawyerWhen I passed the Bar I spent several years working for various Law Firms providing a defense for Insureds, with the balance of my career focused on the handling of cases for injured and damaged individuals.

I specialize in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. I have taken cases to trial that have resulted in verdicts in excess of $1,000,000.00 and have negotiated settlements for sums in excess of $4,000,000.00. I am uniquely qualified in the field of personal injury law as I have handled matters from the insurance company perspective, from a defense counsel prospective and from the injured party or Plaintiffs prospective. I enjoy what I do and I am committed to my clients and what I believe to be in their best interests.